Coaching –
for a stronger me

Coaching –
for a stronger me

Coaching is my passion. Above all, I want my coaching to inspire people to become aware of their own potential. The focus is always on the individual and his or her personal development. My ability to listen and switch perspectives are among my most important tools.

Coaching is an ideal instrument for achieving more clarity and understanding. By asking carefully targeted questions, coaches help achieve a shift in perspective and set a process in motion that would otherwise never be possible. For the coachee/course participant, this sharpens their focus and helps them recognise what is really important for them.

My coaching can be used to supplement existing management training within your company. It allows for specific topics to be explored in more detail and in a sustainable way. Your employer may also cover the costs if you are not already participating in one of your company’s own internal development programmes. It is always worth asking.

My courses are also aimed at anyone who is going through changes in their personal or professional life or who currently find themselves in a difficult situation. I will take on whichever role you currently need me to – an intense sparring partner, someone to back you up, or a guiding light to help you find the way. We will concentrate on your character and your personal vision. Your goal is to make this vision more focused. My job is to show you your potential.

I offer a flexible choice between online and face-to-face sessions and the option to switch between them as needed. To find out what suits you, ask yourself the following question: do you find it easier to relax and talk openly in the familiar surroundings of your home or office, or is face-to-face contact important for you to make a connection?

How can my coaching help you to achieve your goals?

During our detailed conversation, I will help you find the clarity you require to face your goals or an upcoming change. Targeted questions will allow us to work at the source of the problem and sharpen your focus, so that you can find your own path and recognise what matters.

We often shy away from obstacles because we lack confidence in ourselves. Fear and self-doubt hold us back from reaching our goals and embracing change.
I will help you find clarity and unlock your potential.

My coaching helps you get to know yourself better and ask deeper questions. This way, you can find out what you really want and what is preventing you from reaching it. Through a combination of self-reflection and our close collaboration, you will develop a more profound understanding of yourself and your goals.

»The training was helpful in terms of growth personally and how to interact with customers and teamwork.«

W. Samuel (Engineer beverage industry)